Tebedu Inland Port


Port Facilities

TIP provides storage capacity – warehouse, container yard and refrigerated storage.

The storage area is fully guarded round the the clock.

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Port Services

  • Containerized Cargo.
  • Bulk Cargo.
  • Labour Gang.
  • Other Services.

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Welcome To Tebedu Inland Port

The first and only inland port in Sarawak, Tebedu Inland Port (TIP) is situated about 85km from Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak at the town of Tebedu, Serian District and 1km from the West Kalimantan-Sarawak border. Under the jurisdiction of the Kuching Port Authority, it is operated and managed by SM Inland Port Sdn Bhd, the approved port operator appointed by the Sarawak Government in 2004.

Accelerating Development in the South West of Sarawak

The Sarawak Government’s regional development plan is for TIP and its adjacent development of Tebedu Industrial Estate to act as catalysts for the development in the interior of Borneo by harnessing the rich natural resources and abundant human capital in the surrounding areas. The synergistic effect between TIP (port facility), Tebedu Industrial estate (industrial development) and Bandar Mutiara New Tebedu Township (commercial development) will have a multiplier effect in enhancing economic development in the area and its surroundings.

The Sarawak State Government’s intention in the establishment of Tebedu Inland Port is to monitor, regulate and control the movement of goods in order to facilitate and increase cross border trade. This initiative in conjunction with the development of Tebedu Industrial Estate and Bandar Mutiara, New Tebedu Township will have a synergistic and multiplier effect in regional economic development at the border area; enabling citizens of West Kalimantan, Indonesia and Sarawak to share in the prosperity from developing the South West of Sarawak.

Tebedu Industrial Estate

The Tebedu Industrial Estate caters for light industries; for both international and domestic export. Domestically, the manufactured products support and complement the main development plan for the state, the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). Tebedu Industrial Estate also caters for downstream industries for West Kalimantan industrial activities.

Tebedu Inland Port and subsequently Senari Container Terminal, Kuching are avenues where industries at Tebedu Industrial Estate may either import materials from or export their products to the international markets.

Consolidation and Distribution Centre

TIP has ample facilities to accommodate cargoes in transit securely. As a licensed public bonded warehouse, cargoes in transit at TIP en route for the international market or West Kalimantan do not have to pay customs duties.

Customs duties are only payable when the goods are meant for local consumption in Sarawak.

While in transit at TIP, goods can also be re-branded and re-packaged according to export requirement.

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